The local communities have endured economic challenges following the closure of a large-scale mine near our proposed operations. Following an ongoing and broad survey of social perceptions from local stakeholders in the area, which began in 2015, we are proud of the strong community support. Several programs are currently in place to help ensure we deliver a positive economic impact to the economically distressed communities near our operation.

We are committed to building strong relationships with our local communities through local community and stakeholder liaison offices as well as working with our skilled local labor pool and support services to provide jobs and procurement opportunities for the local community.

We regularly meet with local communities through technical meetings, and conduct community perception studies to improve our understanding of community issues and concerns.

In 2021 we created a community liaison office in Minaçu to improve engagement, provide a venue for community activities, improve access to our community support programs, and facilitate feedback on our activities.

We also continue to increase our presence in the community through partnerships with the local Health and Education Secretariats. These partnerships include initiatives to support the diversification of the local economy, provide training to local workers, as well as programs to combat drug abuse, promote sexual health, and tackle prostitution and child abuse.